Live Music and DJ'ing

Although I do use loopers and FX my live shows tend to be more acoustic than most of the music I publish.  Acoustic guitar is the main instrument with some other instruments (ukulele, piano, blues harp, synths, electric violin, mountain dulcimer) sometimes thrown in.  I do about an 80/20 mix of Cover Songs to Originals.  Most of the covers are rock songs from the last 50 years.

I've recently been learning and practicing DJ'ing focusing on two genres, "Old School Dance Party" and "Modern EDM".

I have equipment to do larger shows as needed, but I've focused on configuring very small to medium size systems which are solar/battery powered and can be backpacked to very remote locations where no power or internet is available.

I'm particularly interested in combining the live music and DJ'ing, perhaps with a few sets of live music followed by a few sets of DJ'ing dance music later into the night.

Pricing varies based on the location and the gig, but figure between $120 and $500.  

Contact me with your specific situation.

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