Greg started playing music before he was born, and began recording original rock songs at the age of 12. That was years ago, and he's been learning new instruments, playing in bands, teaching others, and writing and recording original music ever since.

The music is thoughtful alternative rock with jazz and classical influences, but Greg's main strength is the wide scope of styles and moods his music transcends.  From high in the mountains of Colorado, instrumentation includes guitars, violins, bass, drums, ethnic percussion, mountain dulcimer, keyboards, balalaika, mandolin, saxophone, flute, electronic thing-a-ma-jeezies, and kitchen utensils aren't necessarily off limits.

Over the years, Greg has recorded using reel-to-reel, cassette, hardware digital audio workstations, and many different computer/software based setups.

To date Greg has recorded hundreds of original songs, with approximately 140 of them released on self-produced albums.  The newest album "Sneaker Netting Through The Cloud" is available May 1st, 2015 digitally online and on CD. 

More info and music can be found at, iTunes, Spotify, and all over the place!  Buy CDs at

Also check out Greg's Photography and Oil Painting.  Left is an example of some very basic, and very silly animation Greg plays around with.

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