Gigs and Parties vary a lot, but a representative one would be 2 to 3 hours of playing guitar and singing, playing other instruments and playing music during breaks, for $100 plus tips and something tasty to eat and drink.  I play mostly acoustic versions of popular rock songs from the last 40 years, with some loops and affects thrown in for interest.

Recording and Music Lessons and Consulting in the Boulder/Golden vicinity are $40/Hr at your place as in most cases that's where the stuff is we need to get working.  Music lessons at my place are $35/Hr.  Examples of things I can help you with include:

1. Guitar and Keyboard/Synth lessons.
2. Helping you decide what to buy if you are just getting started in recording.
3. Help with your hardware DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, Digital Recorder).
4. Help with your software like ProTools, Sonar, Cubase, Audacity and others.
5. Help with programming your keyboard/synthesizer.
6. Help with other exernal gear, like effects units and interfaces.
7. Help with MIDI and/or Control Voltage (CV) based systems.
8. Overall help with your studio setup.
9. Adding original music and sound FX to your videos and recordings.

I have been teaching for over 40 years and have taught a wide variety of subjects and instruments during that time. 

The main thing I focus on teaching now is music technology with a focus on home recording for musicians.  I have noticed over the years that many musicians buy an arsenal of equipment and software, but run into lots of problems trying to get it all working correctly.  My background as an engineer helps me figure this stuff out pretty quickly, and I'm pretty good at explaining technical stuff so it makes sense.

Contact me to schedule a lesson or on-site consulting, or to see if I can help you with a project. 
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